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Hi anon,

Our aim is not to dissuade anyone from applying or attending MHC. one of our primary goals is to first and foremost make the space safe enough for students of color to speak you. In no way are we saying MHC is a terrible institution. Students of color at PWIs around the nation and the world have been standing up and speaking up about their experiences, so this is not limited to MHC. The only difference is that we want to create the space to have these experiences validated and heard so future MHC students will have that space available. 

Done with this shit.

"Why do you like black music?" inquired several girls (not of color, mind you.)

Really…REALLY.. is this 2014 or 1934? Gosh, even my grandparents bump black musicians. Natking Cole filled the kitchen and house throughout my childhood.

In any sane environment, I would’ve considered opening one’s doors and blasting music (on weekend afternoons) to be a standard social gesture, but not at MoHo.. most definitely not. What happens here? Police reports.. that’s what ‘ghetto music’ elicits. POLICE REPORTS.

Gentle reminder

Mohonest is not an attack on white people. It is a chance for people of color to finally speak up.

I was at a probate for a black sorority my friend is in and my roommate asked me to “narrate it like a show on animal planet.”


When white friends celebrate Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus for their brands of feminism and neglect the blatant use of hypersexualized black bodies in their videos…(not to mention Miley’s ridicule and appropriation of Asians and Native American culture) -MHC ‘17

#MoHonest: A History of Racism and Student Protest at Mount Holyoke

I just wrote a LITS blog post about racism at Mount Holyoke that I think covers a lot of history not many people know about and would apply to this discussion.

It’s Not Funny

As soon as my religion was known to her, my friend began spewing stereotype after stereotype, joke after joke “Oh that’s weird your nose isn’t big at all” or “that’s ironic that you spend tons of money because Jews are known to be frugal” “we call the garbage dump next to our house Auschwitz” and “aren’t Standardized tests biased towards Jewish people because it was created by a Jew?” Just because you think your jokes are funny doesn’t mean I do. Also, just in case you were wondering, the reason why Jews are so “good with money” is because in the 30s and 40s the only job Jews could have were in banks. Jews couldn’t own land and couldn’t hold any job besides working in banks. I laugh it off because it’s so uncomfortable and insulting so please, next time think about what you’re actually inferring when you make a comment. 

Please feel free to submit regardless of the institution you attend. If you’re comfortable, just add the name of the institution and the class year.